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Sales & Marketing Audit

What is it?


The Sales & Marketing Audit is a structured review of the sales and marketing functions of a business. The aim is to ensure that these functions are optimally geared towards winning new business and building purchases of existing customers. As with our other audits the report that we produce will highlight weaknesses, but will be more geared towards identifying fresh insights, strategies, and opportunities for development and growth.


Since sales and marketing are interlinked we typically look at both together, but we can also undertake a Sales Audit or Marketing Audit in isolation.


Who is it for?


The Sales & Marketing Audit is for organisations that have some reservations about the current performance of their sales and marketing operations and/or are looking for some fresh and independent thinking to take these functions to the next level.


Audit Scope & Outputs:


4M Review:

  • Market Strategy (who is the business targeting?)
  • Media (what media are being used, e.g. sales letters, ads, etc?)
  • Message (what are the key sales & marketing messages?)
  • Means (what resources are available?)

Literature review

Sales & Marketing structure

Sales process review

Pricing structures

Sales & Marketing systems, i.e. CMS, sales reporting, incentive schemes, etc


Audit Report & Action plan focussed on:


  • Market strategy, targeting, and USPs
  • Lead generation improvements
  • Improved lead conversion
  • Increased order frequency
  • Higher average order value
  • Improved customer retention


Research methods:


  • Questionnaires and interviews with key Directors and key staff
  • Workshop (depending on size of sales and marketing team)
  • Sales & Marketing Literature review
  • Systems review, e.g. Customer Management Systems, Email Marketing systems
  • Discussions with customers and prospects
  • Observations


We also offer a full Money Back Guarantee if the Audit does not match your expectations. For further information please call 0115 971 1957 or email






"With Gary's help we were able to rapidly enter the UK market and achieve exceptional growth in our first year. Gary worked with us to adapt and develop our UK sales and marketing strategy to meet UK customer requirements, and successfully helped us sign up several major key accounts in our industry. I would recommend Gary to any company that is serious about growing its business".
Patrick Frimat, MD, RSI Video Technologies



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