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We provide experienced market research, business analysis, customer experience, and business development/strategy resources to help our clients maximise their potential from new and existing customers & markets

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B2B Market Research & Business Analysis


We provide our clients with a wide range of market research and business analysis services.These services include external market and competitor research, and internal business analysis and troubleshooting.


Our particular specialism is in Business to Business Market Research and we have worked across a wide range of B2B sectors including manufacturing, logistics, construction & civil engineering, office products, and security. We focus on delivering genuine actionable insights that can be converted into business development strategies and actions.


Projects typically include one or more of the following:


- Market structure and sizing

- Competitor analysis and benchmarking

- Product/Service review

- New market review (sector or geography)

- Customer Insight

- Brand research

- JV/Partner search (UK or Overseas)

- Commercial due diligence

- One off or ongoing customer feedback/surveys


Research methods include:


- desk research

- telephone and face to face interviewing

- workshops

- focus groups

- questionnaires and surveys

- Mystery shopping and observations


We have also developed a series of Business Audits to provide a structured approach to the review of specific aspects of the business. This also helps make it clear to clients from the outset exactly what the work involves. Our audits are listed below;


- Business Growth Audit (see also Business Growth)

- Customer Experience Audit (see also Customer Experience)

- Business Unit Audit

- Sales & Marketing Audit

- Product/Service Audit

- Market/Competitor Audit


Whilst the word Audit may strike fear in certain quarters our work is aimed primarily at identifying areas of opportunity and improvement that can have a major impact on the future success and growth of the business. Please take a look at our Business Audits page for further information.


To discuss one of our audits or our ad-hoc services in more detail please call 0115 971 1957 or email


All of our business research and analysis projects come with a full money back guarantee.









"With Gary's help we were able to rapidly enter the UK market and achieve exceptional growth in our first year. Gary worked with us to adapt and develop our UK sales and marketing strategy to meet UK customer requirements, and successfully helped us sign up several major key accounts in our industry. I would recommend Gary to any company that is serious about growing its business".
Patrick Frimat, MD, RSI Video Technologies



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