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Customer Experience Audit

Our Customer Experience Audit provides a comprehensive analysis of the performance of your business against the key expectations of your customers.


The findings of the audit enable us to recommend actions to build customer satisfaction and ultimately grow sales and profits within the business. We map the customer experience through the complete journey from prospect through to loyal customer.


More information on the Customer Experience Audit is provided below.


Customer Experience Audit Scope & Outputs

We review each element of the customer journey.


Products or Services:

  • Customer expectations - features, benefits
  • Key purchase criteria - how, where, when?
  • Current levels of satisfaction
  • Requirements for enhancements and/or new products and services
  • Analysis and review of the customer touchpoints and buying steps


Customer Service Review:

  • People (all staff interacting with customers)
  • Systems & Processes (from order through to delivery and complaint handling)
  • Literature matching to customer requirements
  • Best practices
  • How easy is it to do business with you?


Action plan focussed on:

  • Improving customer retention and loyalty (customer lifetime)
  • Increasing the frequency of sales to each customer
  • Increasing the average order value
  • Improving customer advocacy/referrals


Audit Research Methods


Will depend on the size and complexity of the business and its customer base, but could typically include:


  • Customer questionnaires and/or interviews with;
    • Existing customers
    • Past customers
    • Prospects
  • Mystery shopping
  • Customer focus groups
  • Discussions with customer facing staff and observations
  • Workshops with staff
  • Review of customer facing processes and literature


Customer experience audits can cover the whole business or an individual business unit. We can also break an audit down into particular areas of the customer experience, e.g. customer service, communications, etc. Please email or call 0115 971 1957 to discuss your requirements. 


We also offer a full Money Back Guarantee if the Audit does not match your expectations. In reality we would be more than happy to reimburse any fees if the benefits of the audit don't outweigh the costs by a significant multiple. 





"With Gary's help we were able to rapidly enter the UK market and achieve exceptional growth in our first year. Gary worked with us to adapt and develop our UK sales and marketing strategy to meet UK customer requirements, and successfully helped us sign up several major key accounts in our industry. I would recommend Gary to any company that is serious about growing its business".
Patrick Frimat, MD, RSI Video Technologies



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