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We provide experienced market research, business analysis, customer experience, and business development/strategy resources to help our clients maximise their potential from new and existing customers & markets

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Business Growth Programme

Our 7 step Business Growth Programme is a time tested system that will inject short, medium, and long term growth into your business.

We work with you every step of the way to make your business stand out from the competition and inject some dramatic business growth.

Each of the 7 steps is outlined in detail below:

Step 1

We carry out a comprehensive, detailed and thorough analysis using our business discovery tools (including the Business Growth Audit). The purpose is to provide you and us with a penetrating insight into your business and a road map to uncover opportunities and reveal hidden assets that may be quickly capitalised and developed.


Step 2

In this step we explore and conduct market, staff and competitor research using Alchemy Company Research Analysis. The Analysis worksheets will complete both your and our understanding of the business, its customers, and its strengths and weaknesses - We also review staff attitudes, positioning, opportunities in the market and competitor activities.




Step 3

Next, we'll conduct our 'Positioning Workshop' with you and your senior staff using the Alchemy Customer Experience & Positioning Analysis. The Alchemy workshop technique is like no other. Personnel report it to be engaging, empowering and motivating.




Step 4 Now we are in a position to start producing some real money by focussing on some ‘low hanging fruit’. Our "Quick Cash" Strategies can produce rapid revenues for you to immediately bank.
Step 5

From the previous four steps we are now able to begin the work of implementation and project management. The Alchemy Action Plan is your road map for the strategic building and development of your business. Together, we can now drive the business forward.


Step 6

'Auto-piloting' the business is an absolutely vital step in the Process. Procedures, policies and systems are implemented to build the long term value of the business.


Step 7 The Alchemy Client Management Process ensures that agreed actions are implemented in a timely and professional way.


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"With Gary's help we were able to rapidly enter the UK market and achieve exceptional growth in our first year. Gary worked with us to adapt and develop our UK sales and marketing strategy to meet UK customer requirements, and successfully helped us sign up several major key accounts in our industry. I would recommend Gary to any company that is serious about growing its business".
Patrick Frimat, MD, RSI Video Technologies



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