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What is a Business Audit?

Audits are most commonly associated with the world of accounts, but the Oxford dictionary definition shows a broader meaning;


"a systematic review or assessment of something".


We use audit principles to throughly research, analyse, and appraise the key customer facing aspects of your business, drawing recommendations that can have a major impact on the company's relationship with its markets and customers, and play a key role in driving future business growth. The audit process often draws out several unexpected opportunities and hidden assets within the business.


Whilst no two businesses are the same, by taking an audit type approach to our work we are able to ensure that projects are carried out in a uniform and structured way, and we are able to explain to you from the outset exactly what we are doing, why we are doing it, and the benefits. Our main audits are listed below:



Several of these audits are also covered in other relevant sections of the website and further information on each audit type is available by clicking on the relevant link. The audits can also be broken down into more specific areas so we could, for example, undertake a Sales Process Audit, a Marketing Audit, or a Competitor Audit


Of course an audit has limited value if the key findings do not lead to actions to remedy problem areas and exploit new opportunities, and we provide detailed recommendations as well as providing a project management service if required. To discuss one of our audits in more detail please call 0115 971 1957 or email


All audit projects come with a full money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied by the work and resulting recommendations.





"With Gary's help we were able to rapidly enter the UK market and achieve exceptional growth in our first year. Gary worked with us to adapt and develop our UK sales and marketing strategy to meet UK customer requirements, and successfully helped us sign up several major key accounts in our industry. I would recommend Gary to any company that is serious about growing its business".
Patrick Frimat, MD, RSI Video Technologies



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